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About this Server

This server is non-profit and its purpose is to promote flamenco in Czech Republic. There is no advertisement used on this server and thus no income.

Rules for Using Images from External Sources

To the images downloaded from other servers and used on our pages the following rules apply:

  • the image size is reduced so that it does not exceed approximately 250x250 pixels,
  • by clicking on the image an info-page is displayed, on which is specified the author of the image (if known), link to the original page with the image and the date of download.

We believe that in this way we provide a fair quid pro quo, a value in form of the link, which can increase the attractivity of the original page, as well as the value of the original page in search engines of Google type.

If you are a holder of a copyright for some image(s) used on our pages, and do not agree with this policy, please let us know, we will remove the images immediately.